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Stop the Frozen Yogurt War Presses: Pinkberry IS Sorta Yogurt, Powder Still a Secret

The LA Times sent samples of Pinkberry, Baskin-Robbins, and something called Golden Spoon frozen yogurt to a lab and what did they find out? Pinkberry does contain the healthy bacteria cultures needed to be called yogurt. However, the company still mixes its product in-store, which is a no-no with the state regulators, and it might not have as many cultures needed per gram (10 million). So it's still just kinda sorta frozen yogurt.

Pinkberry representatives say the company will build an off-site processing plant so they can continue to make the frozen dessert. And so they can keep it all a secret. The company will not release what other ingredients are used in its product, which to us---and call us crazy---is just...crazy. In a time when everyone's going the organic route, eating healthier and more local so they know what they're eating, Pinkberry won't admit what's in the powder. And they still call it "all natural." All naturally a crock.
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