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No Red Lion Happy Hour Tonight

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SILVER LAKE: Alarm bells were ringing over at LAist today: The Red Lion Tavern was suddenly shuttered:

What's in the holy hell is going on at The Red Lion!? There is a black on white sign hanging on the door that reads "Closed Until Further Notice." The atrocity was discovered last night around 9pm by intrepid man-on-the-street and resident Silverlakian, "J," who prefers to remain anonymous during this trying time.

Here's what we know: The lights are off. The gates are closed. The phone just rings and rings. And "J's" intern did not show up to work today. (This may not be related).

Luckily, the writer made a quick phone call to find out that the tavern was just closed for "upgrades and renovations," which reeks of DOH to us. If someone wants to get their restaurant/bar up to code, would they do it on a Friday night? For those lovers of all things sausage and beer, rejoice: the Red Lion should reopen by 5pm tomorrow.
· RED ALERT! - Trouble At The Red Lion Tavern [LAist]