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Post-Plywood: Osteria Mozza First Look

We popped on over to Pizzeria Mozza last night, and in addition to the two pizzas we took home, we grabbed a little peek at Osteria Mozza, which is coming along nicely next door. First: Damn was Mozza good. We didn't see Nancy, but the pizzas we ordered were perfectly chewy, crispy, not too oily, plump clams, creamy buffalo mozzarella and speck. In essence, simply fantastic, much better than our last time a couple months ago. And we didn't need to eat dinner/lunch at 4pm. After a little prodding, GM David Rosoff said the new Osteria staff just arrived yesterday to begin training. And an opening date? "Mid-July." We asked if July 16th sounded reasonable, and he said "ish." We mentioned that Tom Colicchio's Craft opens on July 12, and he just shrugged.

Above is a peek through the plastic in the front window on Melrose. What we noted: Huge marble bar, similar sconces as the ones in the pizzeria, lots of great window space. Turn the page for a side view from Highland.
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