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Eater Hospice: Pasadena on Life Support

We're always being asked about the Pasadena Deathwatch we enacted in March. Some found it outright rude, others thought it hilarious. Many more found it right on the money. It's only fair we check in on the Eater Hospice, to see where things stand. Some victims sadly passed; others barely survive on life support.

Original Estimate: 6 weeks
Time on the Watch: 16 weeks
Prognosis/Analysis: Out of all the restaurants we had on the initial Pasadena Deathwatch list, this one we're really sad to see go because it really should've worked. It's a great space, the food was decent, all unique by Pasadena's Cheesecake Factory/Louise's/Buca di Beppo standards. But this BizBen listing leads us to believe that owners of La Maschera are finally pulling the plug. The listing keeps the location under wraps, but by the description, our bets are on La Maschera. Note the desperation:

Beautiful Restaurant/ Wine Bar. Old Town Pasadena. Patio. Recently Remodeled. Over 300,000 In Improvements. Best Cash Offer Takes It. 2898 Sq Ft. Capacity 108 + 28 Patio. 8700 Total Rent. Lease And Options Until 2020 Includes Fixtures, Equipment, Lease, Licenses, And Permits. Business For Sale, Property Not For Sale.
Estimated time left: 2 weeks.

Original estimate: 8 weeks
Time on the Watch: 16 weeks
Prognosis/Analysis: In one way, the original Xiomara---opened by Xiomara Ardolina in 1992---has closed. But it's not really closed yet. Xiomara sold the Old Town location to Phil and Carmen Castaneda, who kept the name for the interim. They hired a new chef, did some minor cosmetic work, and the restaurant is still open for business---happy hour and dinner for right now, lunch soon. Carmen told us the original plans to close in August for a major overhaul aren't happening (closing means losing money), but plans to renovate are still in the works. They decided on the name Mojitos, which should change by the fall. When the name officially changes, we'll move Xiomara's status to "closed," and hope Mojitos avoids the DW.

Original Estimate: 12 weeks
Time on the Watch: 16 weeks
Prognosis/Analysis: For all intents and purposes, this Italian-Thai fusion should be closed. Whenever we walk or drive by, it's empty. We still hate the name, which we're sure contributes to its DW status. Call it something different, maybe people would go more frequently. We've heard the food really isn't that bad, but something continues to keep the masses away. Estimated time left: 7 weeks.

Original Estimate: 24 weeks
Time on the Watch: 16 weeks
Prognosis/Analysis: This place is known much more for its Latin nightlife scene than its food, so to put it on the DW seems unfair. And from what we can tell, the place only does any business on Thu-Sun nights. Still, whether it can sustain itself on weekend-over-priced-drink-nights is unsure. Estimated time left: 10 weeks, or until the owners get bored with the whole thing.

Status: CLOSED
Original Estimate: 24 weeks
Time on the Watch: 3 weeks, 6 days
Prognosis/Analysis: This Mexican spot probably would've survived if some developer didn't want to build on that corner of Fair Oaks and Green. We imagine it wouldn't have been worth the money to renovate a former red-and-white Ruby's Diner into the colorful, muralrific spot it became. The buyout must've been huge.
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