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Eric Greenspan's Version of Hell's Kitchen

During last night's episode of Hell's Kitchen, we saw several teasers with chef Eric Greenspan for story on FOX 11 news. The spot was actually pretty hilarious: Greenspan says, "If you think Hell's Kitchen is wild, wait till you see my kitchen." How could we resist? The story was about Greenspan's new live kitchen stream found on The Foundry on Melrose website, so anyone can watch what's happening behind the scenes any time. In the news story, Greenspan cusses a la Gordon Ramsay, tastes food from his cooks, and tells them to start over, just like Hell's Kitchen. And just like Hell's Kitchen, we question what's staged and what's real, but thoroughly enjoy the entertainment factor in it all. Greenie is a total character. The webcam idea is novel, but no doubt he'll be watching more than anyone. What better way to keep tabs on a kitchen that's operating without you? The video isn't working yet, but it's supposed to go live today, hopefully by the time dinner service starts.
· Restaurant Webcam [My Fox LA]