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Encounter at LAX Update: Still Renovating, Futuristic Chairs for Sale

Miss the space-age look of the Encounter restaurant at LAX while it's closed for renovations? Bring that Jetson's vibe to your home or office with these slightly worn, stainless steel chairs! From Craigslist:

We recently acquired all of the chairs from the futuristic theme restaurant at LAX. The interior was designed in 1961 by members of the Disney Imagineering team, and these chairs were commissioned in 1997 to fit in with that space-age look.The sculptural chairs are made of heavy-gauge welded stainless steel rod, with a padded oval back and seat. They are comfortable and in good condition, although most of them have small areas of wear and need reupholstering. The chairs were originally purchased for $265. We are offering them for $100.
When we saw this, we thought, "Gasp! Is Encounter closed for good?" Calm down. We just spoke with marketing director Connie Bass who said, no, Encounter should reopen by mid-September. "We started a revitalization of the interior before we closed," she says, but notes that even when the restaurant opens, the scaffolding will remain around the outside of the structure into 2008. A little reminder: Encounter closed in March because a 1,000-pound chunk of stucco fell off the exterior of the building. Those space-agey arches weren't renovated since it was built in the late 50s.
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