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Eater Starwatch: Jack Black at Mozza, Late-Night Adam Brody, Reese Witherspoon and MORE

Throw a fork in any direction in this town, and you'll hit a celebrity. Preferably one who deserves to get forked. See a star or starlet stuff their face? Don't be shy. Hit us with it.

MOZZA: Funny guy Jack Black was having lunch with a couple "non-famous" looking guys at the pizzeria yesterday. [Defamer]

THE IVY: Sighting du jour at the over-priced celeb magnet: "Saw Kimora Lee Simons & Djimon Hounsou eating lunch with some tall white guy on Saturday afternoon (6/23). After lunch, they wandered around Robertson, followed by several photogs, and caused general chaos in the neighborhood. She is really tall, really beautiful, and REALLY loud in person." [STARWATCH INBOX]

CANTER'S DELI: Ex OC star Adam Brody was spied trying not to be spied late Sunday night/early Monday morning (6/24). The stalkers saw his name on his license while some random girl tried to engage him in convo, to no avail. [Defamer]

3 SQUARE BAKERY: Brody's former co-star, Benjamin McKenzie, was at the Hans Rockenwagner bakery in Venice yesterday (6/28). Eating alone. [Defamer]

NEPTUNE'S NET: From a tipster: "I had a friend in from Colorado with kids and they had to go because they read about it on the Internet. Eating some tasty looking fried seafood was Eric Balfour of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and 24. He was appropriately wearing a wife beater." [STARWATCH INBOX]

M CAFÉ DE CHAYA: The macrobiotic resto attracts the healthy celebs, like the ever-radiant Heather Graham. And then the more scraggly-gazillionaire set like Mary-Kate Olsen. Both seen on 6/14. [Defamer]

IL SOLE: Twinsters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had dinner at the West Hollywood Italian spot. Also there, Ryan Seacrest and Charlize Theron. [Planet Gossip]

BACKYARD AT THE W: Reese Witherspoon was spotted sipping a blackberry mojito at the W hotel's pool-side restaurant. [Planet Gossip]