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EaterWire: Doughboys Shuttered, Ca' Brea Reopens, Mozza Parking Tips, and So So SO Much More

Relaxing vacation is over, so it's time to tidy up the EaterWire Inbox before we dive in head first. With less clutter, there's room for more tips. Come on in, the door's always open.

MID-CITY/THIRD STREET: That picture up there? Doughboys. Shuttered "for renovations" because the Department of Health paid a little visit last week. Pics on Blackburn and Sweetzer, and an email from reader Justin: "As much as I love Doughboys, I was always sketched out that it only had a B and always seemed a bit skeevy there in terms of sanitation. Looks like I was right." [EaterWire Inbox/Blackburn & Sweetzer]

MID-CITY/LA BREA : One door shutters, another opens. Ca' Brea, which closed for renovations after an electrical fire in March, reopened on June 1. [EaterWire Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD/HIGHLAND PARK: Tips from someone who's opposed to $7.50 valet at Mozza: "There's tons of street parking one block east on McCadden just south of Melrose. I want to spread the word because I'm so opposed to the idea of paying that amount of money for parking. Is this the kind of tip you wanted?" Always. [EaterWire Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: Someone spotted an upcoming downtown location for Johnny Rockets on the company's website last week. Our brothas and sistas at Curbed find out the location (445 S. Figeuroa), but almost ignite a rumor that it will replace Ciudad. Thankfully, they figure out that that location holds many businesses. Rookies. [EaterWire Inbox; Curbed]

DOWNTOWN: Another tipster sends word about two new kosher restaurants downtown: "Hill Street Pizza at 5th & Hill, and a new Kosher Bar-b-que on 9th Street close to Santee. Both places are new additions to the area." [EaterWire Inbox]

SANTA MONICA: A Montana Ave. local laments the loss of Montana Lounge and its eye candy: "They've painted over the always crappy "ML" sign and boldly posted the Change of Ownership sign on the front. Kinda too bad - living in the neighborhood it was kinda fun to have a hard booze drinking venue within walking distance. It was a fun mix of hipsters and local types and had a decent vibe, especially early in the evening before the pretty people took over. Not to mention that the waitresses and bartender Catherine were stunning..." Cafe R&D will be replacing SBE's interim lounge. EaterWire Inbox]

HERMOSA BEACH: Problems for the owner of Sharkeez are finally subsiding. From one of our southern readers: "I guess they figured out whether it was or was not arson. It was nice a quiet for a while, but I'm guessing they'll have it fixed before summer ends." [EaterWire Inbox]