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Shereen Arazm Buys RokBar, Opening Crush

HOLLYWOOD: Shereen Arazm is addicted to Hollywood. The resto-lounge impresario recently turned the short-lived BlackSteel into Parc, the newest romper room for celebs of every ilk. Two doors down is Bella and a few blocks away, Geisha House, two restaurants she opened with the Dolce Group. Up the street, Shag. Before that, Concorde. Nearby, the Authentic Cafe will become Canadian import, Terroni. Now we find her name all over the pending Crush, which will open in the former Tommy Lee-backed, Meridien Group-owned RokBar (1710 N. Las Palmas). Her PR "couldn't" comment at this time, so we don't what's in store for Crush, but if it's anything like Arazm's other spots, it will most likely combine chic design, DJs, and celebrities. In a world (at least a neighborhood) dominated by male nightclub/restaurant owners (think Sutton, Suaya, Moore, Nazarian, Abou-Daoud), Shereen obviously knows what the hell she's doing and won't let up. Hollywood gentrification is the new Hollywood crack.
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