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And the Prize for Most Disgusting PR Stunt Goes to...

The best way to stop crappy viral marketing campaigns is to not blog about it, but as bloggers, we just can't help ourselves. And those crappy viral marketing "geniuses" know this. Here we have annoying signage and assumed lame-ass publicity stunt for Pink Taco, Harry Morton's trendy Mexican restaurant slated to open in the Century City mall around June 16. According to the Taco blog, call the number, leave yours, and they'll get back to you to "seal the deal over drinks at Pink Taco." Rubber fists aren't really the kind of thing that gets us in the door for a pitcher of margaritas and a burrito, but it might work on some people. Funny? Definitely. Disgusting? Atrociously. Then again, this is Pink Taco we're talking about here. The name says it all.
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Picture via Peggy Archer's Flickr stream, via Taco