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Possible Spoilage for Hell's Kitchen 3 Winner, Doesn't Bode Well for LA's Bonnie

Well, well, well. It's Top Chef 2 redux. OK, sort of. E! online reports that betting was unusually high for one HK3 contestant before Monday night's premiere, leading the betting site to close wagering down for the show. When that happens, most people believe betting is jacked by insiders, so it's a potential spoiler. (We won't tell you who the supposed winner is, but you can find out here.) We spoke to local contestant Bonnie Muirhead mere hours before the show aired, and she was naturally chipper, perky, really excited. We were excited for her too, until we watched her serve an uninspired cheese something-or-other for her "signature dish," the first thing that was supposed to wow Gordon Ramsay. Bonnie...cheese? The next day she told us, "Yeah I knew I was done for when he came to my dish. At the time I thought, hey, we only have a half hour so why not make something unique that has a creative presentation? Sigh. What would the show be if he liked everything though, right?" Good attitude, but if the bettors are right, it's not enough to get our local girl to the end.

Another local HKer, season one-winner Michael Wray, was shown "cooking" at his downtown LA restaurant Tatou in the beginning of the show. They filmed that segment in February, when we know the kitchen wasn't functioning yet. He basically faked it for the reality show. Imagine that. Those of you searching for more info on Tatou, the restaurant is still only open for lunch, serving a "Wokcano-inspired" menu Mon-Fri.
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