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BREAKING: Windows Restaurant Closing in July

DOWNTOWN: Chalk this up on the "restaurants we never tried before they closed" list: Windows Steak & Martini's, the restaurant on the 32nd floor of the AT&T Center downtown, will close on July 31. From our tipster:

"It is closing due to LBA Realty company wanting to make the high rise luxury offices and want out of the resto bus. Employees were given the official notice this week."
A call to the restaurant confirms this, but we're yet to talk with manager Brad Johnson. Windows is one of those places everyone wants to try once, if only for the view. It supposedly has a rockin' happy hour, but the food was basic steakhouse fare and didn't wow anyone. As far as we know, at 32-stories up, it was the highest restaurant in LA. But we'll have Takami and Elevate Lounge, which opens on the 21st floor of the 811 Wilshire building, later this month/early July.