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LA Times Food Blog: The Daily Dish Launches

Perusing tomorrow's restaurant review for Fraiche (more on that later) and look what we found: The new LAT food blog, The Daily Dish. Well it's about damn time! We heard it was coming and even spoke with food section Leslie Brenner about it a few weeks ago. It's all hands on deck, from critic S. Irene Virbila to Brenner herself, plus all the other editors and writers---Amy Scattergood, Susan LaTempa, Betty Hallock, Charles Perry, Russ Parsons, and Corie Brown. So far not everyone has typed in, but looks like some pre-launch blogging took place to test the waters. We suspect it will be full steam ahead. The posts are a bit of this and that, items that didn't make it in the paper, perhaps; little finds and quasi-nteresting tidbits. It's much more Gourmet's ChopTalk or Food & Wine's Mouthing Off, than Frank Bruni's Diner's Journal.

We're flattered to be on the selective blogroll, but since we've been in this crazy thing called the blogosphere for a little while, can we offer a tip or two? Blogs are best when everyone plays by the same rules. If you reference a story, make sure to reference the blog where you saw it and the original source, if the two are different. We know, we know, all that html is a pain. But you wouldn't be in the blogosphere if it weren't for the success of blogs, and the success of blogs depends on the linky love. We're all in this crazy Web of words together. We're sure you'll, like us, wonder why you need the paper at all! welcome to the club!
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