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The Dish: Red Mango, Vanilla Bake Shop Open Today

We officially dub July 10 the Day of Sweets. If you time it right, you can fuel up on one, feel all good and perky, and then dive right into the latter for the sugar coma.

WHO: Red Mango
BACKGROUND: Opening its firs U.S. location in Westood, the Korean import will finally once and for all show Pinkberry a thing or two (or so it claims).
THE TREAT: Making sure everyone knows the difference between Red Mango and "chilly bliss," the corporate website takes great measures to explain that theirs is indeed real yogurt, creamier than others, only 90 calories a serving, and even lists all ingredients, every last guar gum, carrageenan, and modified food starch of it. Fresh fruit toppings complete the package.
THE DEAL: Not just free yogurt from 4pm to 6pm today but also door prizes, contests, and FREE VALET. The shop stays open until 10pm tonight.
10942 Weyburn Ave., Westwood, 310.209.0194,

WHO: Vanilla Bake Shop
BACKGROUND: We watched and waited, and now Amy and Jeremy Berman turn their dessert catering company into a stylish little bakery.
THE TREAT: They love vanilla, but we're eyeing chocolate confections like dirt cake, cupcakes with thick chocolate frosting, and even Southern banana pudding.
THE DEAL: Since today is the grand opening, if you buy a Vanilla Bake Shop T-shirt, they'll give you a little somethin-something to eat as a treat. But we all know you're not going there for a T-shirt. The shop stays open until 7pm tonight.
512 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.458.6644,

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