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Terroni's Debut, and What's in a Name

We received the official flackage for Shereen Arazm's new Italian spot Terroni, which moves into the former Authentic Café space on Beverly Blvd. near the Grove. It's a good story, how the new queen of Hollywood nightlife got her start in a Toronto pizzeria, and now she teams up her old bosses to bring the concept to LA. Cooks toss thin-crust pizza in an open kitchen, there will be more than 200 labels on the wine list, plus an Italian marketplace for take-out goods. Sounds fab. And then *gasp* we got this from a reader: "The english equivalent to the colloquial translation for Terroni in Italian is the 'n-word'. It's used by Northern and Central Italians to put down those from Southern Italy. It means "earth people" more or less and is deployed as a pejorative, the same way as...(see above reference)." Gasp indeed. It wasn't easy finding confirmation on this, and really, we know no Italian and even less Canadian. Luckily, there's our beloved Urban Dictionary to the rescue:

1. Terroni
A derogatory term for southern Italians. Also the name of an excellent pizza place in Toronto.
those pricks are terroni, they don't know shit.
And...they both make good pizza? Opening date for Terroni was vaguely given as "mid July," which can be any day now. Keep your eyes peeled.
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