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Hell's Kitchen Week 6: Bonnie Goes Up in Flames

Don't let the headline fool you. Local gal Bonnie Muirhead is in it to win Hell's Kitchen, but she is skating on thin ice. While the show's reps were happy to have Bonnie talk to us during the first few weeks, our last few requests have been denied. Sad, because we like funny, flaky Bonnie. And it's not just because she's from LA, we think she's actually quite genuine and knows her limits. So good thing there's MySpace, where she posts a blog. Let's just say we're glad she's stuck to the confines of her "family's" kitchen and not in a commercial one.

Bonnie's MySpace handle is "ilovecheese," how can you not love that? Her thoughts on this week's ep:

"The irony of my pan catching fire on Hell's Kitchen last night was in the fact that right before I left work to go watch that episode I managed to accidentally flambe a red wine reduction - ie., the sauce caught fire when it wasn't exactly supposed to. I wasn't paying attention (surprise surprise) and had the heat too high, so the red wine boiled over, made contact with the burner and phfooooom! It was actually quite breathtaking, almost as pretty as the lambchops. I just watched it burn. I think I'm turning into an accidental pyro. I think I'm gonna have t-shirts made. And maybe start a band. It's a good band name. Bonnie and the Accidental Pyros. Any takers?"
This week Melissa was finally dumped after getting a second chance from the week before. She's not a big fan of Bonnie's and vice versa. In fact we're pretty sure Bonnie said, "shut up, bitch" when Melissa said something on the show. And when we last chatted, the only thing she could muster to say about Melissa was something about "fake boobs" and "hair extensions." Hisssss!
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