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BREAKING: Martini Lounge Voda Closing

We just got word that after 10 years, the vodka-infused martini bar Voda is closing. When it opened the LA Times said Voda was "the swankiest spot Santa Monica has seen in eons," and that it was "to Santa Monica what the Sky Bar is to the Sunset Strip." But that was 10 years ago. Seems owners Mike Garrett and Tommy Stoilkovich have tired of martinis: The duo plan to a gastropub in another location. They also own Falcon and will open a Santa Monica brasserie with chef Alain Giraud sometime this fall. Oddly enough, we made an unrelated call to Voda yesterday, and the staffer said nothing about it. We don't know when it officially shutters, but liquor license transferral is already in the works.

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