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Osteria Mozza, Such a Croc

In a word: Tizzy. Sheer pandemonium. Everyone's clamoring for a taste of Osteria Mozza. We're getting reports left and right from those who got their reservations (yes, we have ours), and those still trying. We heard from someone who was at the private dinner last night, and she said "it was heavy." As in the food, we think. And then we heard from several people about the orange Croc hanging at the door announcing just who exactly is involved with Osteria Mozza, and thanks to Amanda, finally received a snap. From another reader: "I'm as excited as the next guy or gal about this new arrival, but the last thing I want to think about before an amazing meal is Mario's feet." Touche.
· Breaking: Osteria Mozza Reservation Lines are OPEN [~ELA~]