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Can't Get a Res at Mozza? Try Craft Instead

Someone got a first-hand look

Besides the fact that one's more meat and potatoes, the other Italian, one of the biggest differences between Tom Colicchio's Craft and Batali/Silverton's Osteria Mozza is the reservation line. Today, calling Osteria was a bit terse. On the flip side, speaking with the reservationist at Craft proved not only easy, but rather pleasant. We called to find out status of our own reservation (confirmed) for next week, but also to see how filled the books are. Next week is pretty solid, especially Friday and Saturday, though if you're flexible, early (5:30pm) and late (9pm) tables are a possibility. And unlike Mozza, Craft is not booked solid for the next month---the week of the 23rd still looks pretty open. Except for Saturday nights, which are booked for a good month out. Interesting, considering Craft is surrounded by offices. We heard from a few people who dined there during rehearsal week, and we're told there's a nice big bar area, so if you can't get a table at least you can get a barstool. Very little mention of the food, although Thrillist has the menu: All a la carte, very similar to New York, pricey. Our tipster also says "they're not serving on the patio for awhile," and not serving lunch until sometime in August.
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