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Osteria Mozza Reservations: Let the Games Begin

Everyone knew this would happen. Getting a table at Pizzeria Mozza was ridiculous---and it's pizza. Now we have the mothership Batali/Silverton restaurant, and those lucky enough to get a reservation are the most popular kids in school right now. While we got a slew of cheerful emails from Eaters who got their ressies at Osteria, we understand it was a pain in the ass to get through the phone lines. In one day, the restaurant fully booked for the next month. This, for a restaurant whose menu is still completely under wraps. To make matters worse, we got this from a tipster: "Hosts are not allowed to take reservations anymore from the host stands (pizzeria/osteria) - they are now referring everyone to the (constantly busy) reservation lines." Confirmed.

In order to give you the most up to date info on Osteria, we braved the reservation line. After a few busy-signal attempts, we got a voice mail message connecting us to a 626 area code mailbox. What? We call the pizzeria number and reservationist Nick, rushed but still helpful yesterday, was now testy. He answered the phone "Osteria Mozza," and we told him that we thought we called the pizzeria line. "Oh, right. You did." We told him of the wacky phone lines, he brushed us off. We said we'd like to make a reservation for the next available date at Osteria, he said we'd have to call the Osteria line. We reminded him of aformentioned problems, and through quite an audible sigh, he said he'd check. "The next available date for dinner is Monday August 13." Not a good day for us, can we book for the next day or another day that week. "No. We're only taking reservations 30 days out, so the next available date is August 13. If you want a reservation for August 14, you'll have to call back tomorrow at 10am." Ouch. We have our first reservation for next week, so we're not too pressed. For the rest of you, one saving grace: The bar is reserved for walk-ins every night at 5:30pm. Don't all rush at once, now.
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