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Top Chef 4 Location Announced: My Kind of Town

While still knee-deep in TC3, we we got the official announcement for next season: Top Chef 4 will take place in Chicago. We didn't put Chi-town in our poll, but we thought it had a chance since it's one of the open call locations this month. According to our officially unofficial results, most people had their money on New York for next season, which surprisingly hasn't been featured on the show yet. If you feel like you can brave the Windy City's fall and maybe winter (brrr)---and you can handle not serving foie gras in anything---local casting calls will be held at Les Deux on August 19.

Also from the release: As we suggested earlier, the Top Chef 3 finale will be taped live, which means no one knows who the winner is yet, which means no on can spoil the outcome. Even Food & Wine.
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