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EaterWire: Ca 'Brea Reopens, Windows Closing Soon, Bastide News, The Parlor, Boule Multiplies, and MORE

DOWNTOWN: A reminder that Windows is closing this month. When we talked to Brad Johnson, whose company manages the restaurant, he sounded sad yet upbeat about the whole thing, but reminded everyone to get down there for martinis while the gettin's good. Last day is July 31. Downtown News has the history. [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN: Is Trifecta already history? From a reader: "I keep driving past and notice it's as active as Epicenter (the rest. before Trifecta), the plasmas facing 2nd and Hill are off, and the door has a sign of some sorts, while the door is locked behind a metal roll down gate. Never thought the place was any good, for a sports bar they never had sports on and the food was gross and waaaaaaaay over priced." We called the number and the PR office, and seems like it's still open. We're yet to talk to anyone other than an answering machine, however. [EaterWire Inbox]

MID-CITY: In March we reported that Ca 'Brea closed due to a fire, but just got word that the restaurant is reopening to the public tomorrow, Thursday July 19. Odd, because we thought it reopened in June, but whatevs. An official statement explains that the historic building was damaged in the kitchen and the dining room, the structure was fine, so now there's new plaster and paneled walls, a half-enclosed patio with a fireplace, an open kitchen, and the second floor has been "refreshed" too. [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: It's been confirmed that Boule will open a second location in Beverly Hills. No opening date yet, but it will take over a fromer flower shop at 413 North Bedford. This, plus the Atelier and Comme Ca opening this August? Some serious expansion is afoot for the Myers. [Daily Dish/EaterWire]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: This in from a tipster: "Did you hear that Bastide is going to open with only a tasting menu and a communal table? No a la carte. They don't want to be a 'special dining' restaurant." Intriguing. We did not hear that, as we all know, it's been very hush-hush. [EaterWire Inbox]

SANTA MONICA: This is why it's great that former LA.commer Alexandra Le Tellier is back to her old nightlife blogging habits at MetroMix: We don't have to do all the footwork! We told you about The Parlor in the former Cinch Space, she finds out how many reality TV stars will be drinking there. [EaterWire/MetroMix]

BURBANK: A reader wants to know: "Does anyone know why the Riverbottom Bar & Grill closed down and what they plan on doing with the building? They are located across the street from Warner Bros. on Olive Ave." Any takers? [EaterWire Inbox]

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