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Frozen Yogurt Wars Continue: Red Mango Opening, Yogurberry Coming, Blue Mango and MORE

WESTWOOD: Above, we have the first LA-are Red Mango store. There were grand openings, media events, free frozen yogurt---and we missed them all, but our bros at Curbed went. We stood them up for Craft, sorry. The first Red Mango Las Vegas location opened last weekend, and the next LA store on Pico is opening "sometime in August," so says PR. [EaterWire/Curbed LA]

GLENDALE: From a tipster: "I work at 130 N. Brand Bl. In Glendale and noticed a construction worker in a vacant storefront today on my way to Starbucks. I asked him what was going in there and he said it was a frozen yogurt place. It wasn't Pinkberry or any other name I've heard, but I thought it had the word 'mongo' in it. I don't think he said Red Mango, but his English was quite bad." We don't think it's Red or Blue Mango either. Hopefully it's not Pink Mango. [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Hey what's with us dishing on Yogurberry (which we misspelled as Yogurtberry, but that tree in the middle of the name in the logo led us to believe there was a 't') moving into the froyo vortex, and our brothers at Curbed get the big ol' invite to pre-opening tastes? Man...and everyone thinks the youngest sibling gets everything. [Curbed LA]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: A reader sends word: "Blue mango is opening up on Sunset between The Roxy and the touts itself as organic frozen yogurt." We heard that one before, but the anticipation for another fruit/color/berry/fruit-named shop builds. [EaterWire Inbox]

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