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Celeb Plywood: Still Waiting for a Beso From Eva

Leave it to the tabloids to create restaurant scene drama. The National Enquirer reports that Beso, the restaurant Eva Longoria invested in and was supposed to open this month, has serious hold ups. According to the rag, the managing partner of the operation Jonas Lawrence is battling some RokBar litigation down in Miami, causing delays with Beso here. How involved Longoria is with the operation is still yet to be seen; most investors just drop a bundle into the pot and leave it at that. Lawrence says, "It will definitely open in July." We're not sure if he realizes it, but it's July 19. Time is a wastin'. Meanwhile, TMZ copies the story, but adds that celeb watchers can go to "J.Lo's Madre, Ashton Kutcher's Dolce, or Justin Timberlake's Chi" to get their fill. While Madre and Dolce are both still open (shocking), Chi hasn't been Chi since 2005, when Justin split with the then-owners Art and Alan Davis, who sold the restaurant back to the hotel. Want to see JT? Barbecue in New York, baby.
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