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Eater StarWatch: Sightings at Craft, Osteria Mozza, Bobby Brown at Katsu-ya, Andy Richter at Blair's, MORE

Due to the generally tizzyness surrounding all the restaurant openings last week, we missed the Starwatch. And because you can never have too much celebrity in this town, we have a heaping helping for you today. See a star stuff their face?or pretend to? Let us know for next time.

OSTERIA MOZZA: In addition to Batali himself, we only had B-list sightings at best on opening night (Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, Justin Kirk from Weeds) but Amanda Peet and hubby, and Dustin Hoffman and family took advantage of free food and drink on one of the friends-and-family nights. [Eater Starwatch/Defamer]

CRAFT: While Tom Colicchio walked around the room, tucked into a corner table towards the back, an aging Warren Beatty dined with a group during pre-open phase. When he stood up to leave he posed like a Greek god. Not kidding. [Starwatch]

IL SOLE: What's with the Dover sole at Il Sole? Seems every planted sighting at the Italian eatery has some star/starlet (Anne Heche, Michelle Trachtenberg) eating it. [Planet Gossip]

KATSU-YA: A reader sends in: "Last night (7/10) I spotted Bobby Brown at Katsu-ya in Encino sitting quietly at the table next to me with an unknown female (not Whitney and not Bobby Christina). He didn't look as strung out as I would have expected." Sometimes they clean up real good, ya know? [Starwatch Inbox]

NATE 'N AL'S: Paparazzi scored pics of Lindsay Lohan and pals at the Beverly Hills deli, and she didn't seem to mind one bit. She has to let the world (and movie execs) see her out and about and healthy, you know! [Hollyscoop]

BLAIR'S: An Eastside spotting of Andy Richter. He moved too quickly for real details, but the spotter knows that "former Conan sidekick anywhere." [Defamer]

IROHA: America's Got Talent-even-if-he-don't David Hasselhoff hitting the Ventura Blvd. spot for sushi on 7/10. [Defamer

VARIOUS PINKBERRIES: Don't they know what's in this stuff? Oh, wait, no! Nobody does! Super pregnant Naomi Watts and father-to-be Liev Schrieber spied in Brentwood location, Kate Bosworth at another one we suspect is the WeHo one. [Defamer]

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