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Two is a Trend: Doggie Bags, By the Numbers

On a recent visit to Craft, our banquette neighbors were handed what looked like a small piece of brown paper bag with a number written on it before they left the table. Unsure what it was for, they asked the server: A claim check, for the leftovers they had wrapped to take home. Instead of a big bag filled with plastic to-go containers sitting at the table, the hostesses held it at the front. Like a coat check, the number was presented on the way out and the doggie bag was released. A few nights later, on yet another visit to Osteria Mozza, we had some food wrapped to go, and whaddaya know, we got a number to pick it up later. Is this how New Yorkers do doggie bags? We haven't seen this anywhere else, so we asked Mozza GM David Rosoff. "It's just good efficient business," he says. "We don’t like to drop the bags at the table. Just a small touch." A very nice one, too. As long as you don't lose that number.