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Best of LA Magazine: Sleepers, Shockers, and Shut Outs

Los Angeles magazine admits it went a little "overboard" this year with its annual 'Best of LA' package, easily the heaviest issue in recent memory. If we were to pick a theme, it would be sheer volume: The editors pumped out 11 pages of dining, food, and nightlife mentions alone. Advertising must be up. Most of the biggies are mentioned, with an occasional random pick for good measure. But we're saddened that restaurants at the top of the dining family tree of LA aren't represented. Is nothing "best" about Michael's or Campanile anymore? For you, some highlights from the highlights.

THE OBVIOUS: Naturally, Hatfield's, Providence and Pizzeria Mozza make the list (best prix fixe, sorbet, and beet appetizer, respectively). Wait...beets? No pizza?

THE SHOCKER: Gastropub Ford's Filling Station gets a fish-and-chips nod, but best gastropub goes to Father's Office. Maybe they can battle it out in Culver City.


THE MELTDOWN: Best grilled cheese goes to Vertical Wine Bistro, treading dangerously close to Campanile's turf.

THE SUPERFICIAL: The ginormous tree inside Parc might have earned it best bar design, but no nods for food.

THE PLAYBOY: We learn, unwillingly, that Hugh Hefner takes the bunnies to Mastro's on Tuesdays.

THE PREVIEWS: Not even open at time of printing, Craft and coming-soon Suzpree got name-checked.

THE SIDELINES:Wolfgang Puck's Cut gets shut out with two tiny mentions: Best sides and as a runner-up for best power lunch.
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