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EXCLUSIVE: Drago Brothers Taking Over Luce

BEVERLY HILLS: You can't throw a garganelli in this town without hitting a Drago brother. Our ultimate ABC tipster alerts us that two Dragos filed to take over the empty Luce restaurant at the corner of Canon Drive and Dayton Way. Like any good Beverly Hills grand dame, this space has had many makeovers with just as many suitors. Luce opened in 2003 to replace the very short-lived Avenue, which replaced Mistral, and we don't know what before that. Giacomino Drago is behind the plans; he already owns a good chunk of Beverly Hills Italian restaurants (Il Buco, Piccolo Paradiso, and Il Pastaio, just a few blocks from Luce), Panzanella in Sherman Oaks, and Celestino in Pasadena. He confirmed the sale to us, and said that he and his brother Tanino (who owns Tanino in Westwood) hope to open something, no name yet, in October. We're unsure when Luce closed, but it's been nothing more than an event venue and filming location for awhile now.