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Hell's Kitchen News: Bonnie's Still in the Running, Another Season Ordered

The Eater DVR crapped out last night, so we only saw the first 30 minutes of Hell's Kitchen, but it was just enough to see the contestants head to Alhambra High School to cook for 100 hungry teenagers (the motley crew of "trendsetters," right). Everything went exactly as predicted: Julia, the short-order cook, won over the teens with a grilled cheese and chicken sandwich and onion rings. It probably far superseded anything they usually get in the cafeteria. Our gal Bonnie made a breaded goat cheese salad, and she was actually trying to convince the kids that it was good because it was fried. No doubt it was tasty, maybe it's something she cooks for the kids in her nanny family. But for teenagers---and forgive us, it's been awhile since we've been a teen---won't grilled cheese and onion rings always trump salad?

Naturally, Julia wins the challenge, and Gordo takes her and Jen to Green Valley Ranch and Red Rock Resort in Vegas. They freak out over their room at GVR. We actually toured that room once, and it is pretty cool. Huge. Over at Red Rock, they meet last year's winner Heather at "her" restaurant, Terra Rosa. As previously mentioned, Heather is a "senior chef" at the restaurant, not an owner or even exec chef. Back in LA and? the DVR stopped. But thanks to the internets, we know Josh got kicked out for screwing up, Julia got booted---but Gordo told her he's sending her to culinary school---and our gal Bonnie makes it through one more time. She's in the bottom three with Jen and third-person talker Rock. We're rooting for her, but there's little chance she'll win. Jen and Rock actually have kitchen experience, and as Bonnie told us in our first interview, she doesn't. Seeing where the show is now, with only two episodes left, the early spoilers for the winner seem spot on. Oh, and yes Glutster, we saw you (pictured above, far left). In more HK news, the show was picked up for a fourth season, and casting is afoot.
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