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Craft Showdown: Jonathan Gold vs. Miss Irene

Talk about a hot night to be at Craft. The mayor, Jonathan Gold, S. Irene Virbila, Suzanne Tracht, James Caan and?us? Today both Gold and Miss Irene deliver their First Bite and Critic's Notebook columns on Craft, and both mention that Antonio Villagairosa was in the house, which just happens to be the same night we were there. Miss Irene talks a lot about the scene and the number of suits milling about; Gold mentions that once you order an entrée, all the sides and some wine, it's easily $100 per person. Of course, both assessments are spot on. Because we've been hit with head-to-head reviews before, we're really starting to think these two critics dine together. Then again, Gold name-drops Virbila, but it wasn't reciprocated. Perhaps the latter still believes her anonymity is intact.
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