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Frozen Yogurt Wars Cont.: Pinkberry Pasadena Opens, Glendale's Froyo Vortex, and MORE

See how we moved to simply Cont. now? No more counting with the Roman numerals. We only know up to XL something or other, and there's no telling when this war will end.


PASADENA: The pink plywood is down people: Pinkberry Pasadena will open on Monday. At least that's what the owner of the Old Town location said when we popped our head in today. We told him he'll probably make a killing near that Cheesecake Factory corner, but added, "We're not the biggest fan because we don't know what's in it." He responded, "I'd tell you if I knew!" Who cares if it's good or good for you? The shit sells. (19 S. Fair Oaks) [EaterWire]

GLENDALE: Our Glendale froyo watcher Michael answered his own question, but still took the time to share: "I work on Brand Bl, between Broadway and Wilson, in Glendale. There are two storefronts that have been feaverishly competing to get done. It was clear that they were both food establishments, but it was only today that I found out they're both going to be yogurt places. Less than 100 feet away from each other. One, I was told but construction workers, is called Tutti Fruiti Italian Yogurt, it's next to a Starbuck's. The other, I was told by construction workers, is called Dolci Mango and it's next to a Famima. Should be interesting. Have you ever heard of either? It's still in the construction stage, no signage." We haven't heard of either, but can't help but note the move berry something to mango, and the use of Italian. Could the gelato-yogurt war be next? [EaterWire Inbox]

CRAIGSLIST: We've been asked many times why we think this frozen yogurt thing has gotten out of hand, and we really don't know the answer. But one thing we always stress is that the proliferation of yogurt shops isn't the only story, it's the fact that everyone is just copying someone else. Just jumpin' on the froyo wagon, if you will. Our Curbed brethren found this Craigslist ad that pretty much sums up our point: "I am looking for investors (Total of $250,000) to open 5 Yogurt Stores. Very similar concept as pinkberry ( The investor will get 35% of equity ownership in this concept with a 6% preferred return until investment is fully paid back. Only SERIOUS investors apply. MINIMUM INVESTMENT $50,000." We note that this has been removed from Craigslist, our guess is it was a scam. But what if it wasn't? [EaterWire]

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