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Harry Morton Talks Pink: Tacos, Onions, Margaritas...

There's just no way to talk about Pink Taco without getting giggles from boys, crinkled noses from girls, and eye rolls from everyone. MetroMix has a Q&A with owner Harry Morton, who finally explains why the name and a few other things. Raunchiness is more than implied:

There must be an excellent story behind the Pink Taco name.
It came out as a dare. That’s it, to be honest. My dad—never one to shy away from a few laughs or controversy or taking himself too seriously—decided to do it. It was funny, and we thought it was a funny?you know.

Pink Taco is also your signature dish. How does it taste?
It tastes amazing. It’s our signature dish because the onions are dyed pink.

How would you recommend one eat a pink taco?
I would recommend you eat it with a strong margarita. With good attitude and good friends.

Because we can fall into the food snob camp from time to time, we particularly love the comments about "dyeing onions pink" for the signature tacos, which shows how much the reviewee (and reviewer, for that matter) really knows about food. (The onions are probably marinated and turn pink.) Still, we hear Pink Taco is doing a brisk business already, so crinkled noses/eye rolls or not, the fans, they flock.
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