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Hell's Kitchen: Bonnie Makes the Final Two!

In a crazy turn of events, the blonde bubbly "nanny, the "Barbie," LA's own Bonnie Muirhead, makes the final two on Hell's Kitchen. We find her affable demeanor, her ditzy complaints and her wily ways utterly adorable, but in all honesty didn't see it coming. We heard she had a viewing party at La Cantina last night (sadly, we missed), which to us meant it was a farewell-to-Gordon-Ramsay night. But that little trickster tricked us all, now didn't she? Now she gets to compete against Rock for a job in Vegas by creating her own restaurant from the bottom up. She admits to having the least experience, was unsure if she really wanted it at several times during the season, but knows her strengths and weaknesses, a plus. Have you noticed how much screen time she gets on the show? Bonnie is always shown during the backroom interviews; it's always her voice talking about what's going on. This has been mentioned before, but even more so now, doesn't this smell faintly of last year, when the less-experienced but equally hot Virginia went up against Heather? Heather won. FOX has us trapped! Tomorrow we'll have the full scoop, straight from the nanny's mouth. Stay tuned!
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