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Get the Cameras Ready: Top Chef Casting Season 4

No new Top Chef episode this week, so no CJ. However a friend of Eater went to a party last weekend and CJ was manning the stoves. He sounded surprised but said CJ is "really a good cook." Hello? He's on Top Chef! Of course he's good. Apparently the cheftestant is all very tight-lipped about who won the competition. Phffft on him, then.

We're not even through half of TC3 but Bravo smells a hit: Top Chef is already hunting Season 4 contestants. The filming location hasn't been announced (NYC? Vegas? Paris??), but taping begins in September or October. If you don't send in an audition tape, the Los Angeles open call is on August 19 at Les Deux. There's also one in Las Vegas at Guy Savoy on August 5, and San Francisco on August 12, plus Chicago, New York, and Atlanta.
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