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More Frozen Franchise News: The IcePan Cometh

Forget frozen yogurt/nogurt: Something called IcePan is hiring for a flagship ice creamery located in the West Hollywood Gateway Center (the Target/BevMo/Best Buy complex on Santa Monica and La Brea).

We are looking for energetic, enthusiastic individuals who are motivated and have excellent people skills. Available positions include: Management, Assistant Management, Floor/Service staff, Clean-up Staff.
Striped bikini, bleach-blonde extensions and boob job not included (we don't think). The above is from a clip we found on the company's website, where the woman with the scary strong arms explains that IcePan ice cream is "all natural, with no preservatives or artificial colors, flavors, or emulsifiers." That's why her abs are ripped and her boobs so big!

The basis is this: An IcePan staffer makes every order of ice cream from scratch. You pick the flavors; they add milk, sugar, fruit or what have you; blend it; and mix and flash-freeze it on the "ice pan," which is sort of like Coldstone's marble slab, except the pan is metal. IcePan calls itself an "ice cream boutique," and offers standard flavors like chocolate and strawberry, but also green tea, sweet potato, black sesame, carrot, jujube (!), tomato (!!) and...cabbage (?). Can ice cream be called ice cream when it's made with milk? Plans for locations in Santa Ana and Redondo Beach are next.
· Exciting Positions for Ice Cream Boutique [~ELA~]


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