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Frozen Yogurt Wars Part XIV: Has It Reached the Swirling Point? Let the Melt Begin

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The trendwatchers that they are, the LA Times loves letting a story gestate, really march its way to celebrity status, before reporting on it. So now that they've deemed a "frozen yogurt war" in Los Angeles, (months after many others have reported, watched, discussed, rolled in, tasted, mused on, spewed about, observed, and generally obsessed over) has the tart-and-tangy frozen yogurt craze reached the tipping point?

Tart yogurt, the progenitor of the sweeter, ice cream-like varieties dispensed by myriad chains throughout the Southland, is on the rise, with local food bloggers and national publications such as Travel & Leisure weighing in on the Pinkberry phenomenon.

What's cool this summer?

It's "fro-yo" — and watching the fro-yo wars.

And really folks, what's cooler than the LAT telling you what's cool? Even the newcomers (Yogurtberry, Yogurberry, Snowberry, Kiwiberry, and any fruit/color/berry-named competitor) just now jumping in the pool are lost in the fray. And more keep coming. The froyo whores move from one shop to the next, just as the Paris/Lindsay/Nicole crew circles the latest hot spots, leaving the once-favored in the dust. Can regular consumers take this overload? More importantly, can the shop owners? Since Eater so diligently watched the war reach its crescendo, we dub ourselves the official watchers of its demise. Therefore, the Great Froyo Melt begins today. Pay close attention friends; when you see a frozen yogurtia go out of business, we'll be there.
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