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Listage: Why We Hate Wednesday Holidays Edition

It's unfair to give a day off in the middle of the week and expect everyone to work as usual the next day. In case you have the post-holiday grumpies (like we do), here's a whole pound of grilled Listage. Pass the ketchup, please.

· Philly-style soft serve in Garden Grove [LAT]
· A touching ode to Al Langer and his pastrami [LA Weekly]
· One Sunset: OK food, cloying drinks, 'rocker moms?' [LAT]
· The San Gabriel Valley's burgeoning nightlife scene [LAT]
Three really good summer food festivals [The Knife]
· The fabulously American food of the Simpsons [Accidental Hedonist]
· Mapping the city's best Middle Eastern food [Gridskipper]
· $5 burgers in Whole Foods Fairfax parking lot all. summer. long. [Losanjealous]