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Eater StarWatch: Isaiah Washington at Table 8, the Nicky Hilton at Il Sole, Lindsay at the Chateau and MORE

Seems everyone's staying home, going to the beach, or they're at Eva Longoria's wedding, but we still have a few StarWatch sightings this week. See a star or starlet stuff their face---or pretend to? Stir it up and dish it out.


TABLE 8: Keeping his anti-gay comments to himself, Isaiah Washington was spotted at the bar waiting for someone last week. Hopefully he could see them when they arrived. [StarWatch Inbox]

ONE SUNSET: We have a feeling this new spot will be a regular in Starwatch, at least for awhile. Danny Bonaduce was in last week, "getting his picture taken out front before stumbling inside with his trashy date." [StarWatch Inbox]

IL SOLE: Kind of like this Italian spot across the street? According to Peaple, Nicky Hilton was dining with her boyfriend David Katzenberg and his family. Singer Jewel joined them, and Rumer Willis was spotted with friends before running out the back door. [People]

CHATEAU MARMONT: Eschewing her vodka-fueled 21st birthday bash for a night with friends, Lindsay Lohan chilled on the patio for all onlookers to see how sober she is. [Defamer]

TAVERNA TONY'S: Uber producer Brian Grazer was spotted with his "super-produced hair" at this Malibu Greek spot last Saturday. [Defamer]

DOMINICK'S: They try to stay incognito, but there's always someone who tells the press: Ryan Reynolds was with two female friends in the back corner of the patio, with hat on the entire time. [People]

EAT WELL: Now that everyone knows he goes to Alcove, Entourage honey Adrien Grenier moved on to this Sunset Junction spot for brunch last Saturday. [Defamer]