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LA's Paul McCullough Says Goodbye to Food Network Star

Oh, sad day for Los Angeles-based caterer Paul McCullough. He was doing so well on this season of The Next Food Network Star, he had the best personality---even if it brimmed over from time to time---and was a natural in front of the camera. Unfortunately, when it came to this week's Iron Chef challenge for the final four conestants, he didn't make the cut. For the cooking part of the challenge, the judges, which included Bobby Flay, said his food lacked flavor; for the commentary portion, they said he lacked focus. They deliberated and said it was the hardest decision they ever had to make (don't they always say that, on every food competition show?), and in the end, Jag gets to go forward along with Amy and Rory. Paul's exit interview was heartfelt: "My dream of being a star is not over. Everyone has their potential to fill. Now that I have some focus, I know what my next steps are to be a star caterer in LA."

When we ran into Paul at the SOS Taste of the Nation a few weeks ago (above pic), his fans had him cornered, and he never showed any sign that he didn't win the competition. See, he really does belong on TV. Even Anthony Bourdain thought he would win. Now we're stuck with gummy Rory, angry Jag, and passive Amy (from San Diego). Whatever show any of these three come up with better be good, because we're already not interested. For a recap and to see Paul's exit interview, go here.
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