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Plywood Report: Food Court L.A., Two Boots Pizza in Echo Park, Fred's Mexican in the Dena, and MORE

THIRD ST: A friend spotted a new place called Food Court L.A. near Ortolan on Third Street and asked if we knew anything about it. We don't, but Tasha at Blackburn and Sweetzer noticed it because it's in her hood. Although sporting an unfortunate name, the casual eatery will feature "comfort foods with a pan-ethnic twist." Um, kind of like a mall food court? [PLYWOOD]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: In 2006, downtown denizens were sad after Florence and Bruno Herve-Commereuc sold their charming Angelique Cafe; it's still open, but most fans say it's just not the same. Now Florence is on to something new in a completely different neighborhood: Boystown. According to the ABC app, there are plans to open Le Saint Amour at 8575 Santa Monica Blvd. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

ECHO PARK: Seriously. We're not kidding about the New Yorkization of LA, it won't let up. We're not complaining, it's just amazing how many chefs and restaurateurs are bringing us goods from the Big Apple. Anyway, we know that Joe's Pizza from Bleecker Street is coming to Santa Monica, and for the Eastside, we get Two Boots Pizza. Susan from the Silver Lake Boulevard blog emailed us: "Two Boots Pizza is going to occupy a space attached to the Echo, which as the post described, is shedding its tacky exterior to reveal its historical charm." Two Boots, we're told, is a Cajun-Italian pizza joint that makes thin-crust cornmeal pizzas topped with everything. (The two boots in the name refer to the shape of the two places that inspire the menu, Louisiana and Italy.) Opening date isn't confirmed, but we're told construction looks in its infancy and it's a historic building, so it's not going to happen overnight. At least a few months out. [PLYWOOD]

PASADENA: When we mentioned the sale of E's Martini Lounge yesterday, we also noted that nearby Moose McGillycuddy's was also closed. Turns out the same company will open another of their properties, Fred's Mexican, in its place by September. So not shocking. [PLYWOOD]