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Advice for Govind's Move to NYC: Step It Up, Bud

The folks over at New York Magazine's Grub Street blog have some advice for Table 8's Govind Armstrong, who's opening a restaurant sometime, somewhere in NYC (we're told probably in the Village, but the lease is still being signed; and it may be Table 8, or an entirely new concept). But ultimately, the "ultra-laid-back chef" might be just a little too laid-back for the New Yorker sensibility:

If Armstrong is going to make a go of his light, understated California-style cooking, we think he ought to emulate some of the edgier places around town. Take a page out of Fatty Crab or Ssäm’s book, Govind. Get aggressive! New York will love your salt-crusted porterhouse, but most of your organic, locally sourced California food, lovely as it is, will not set you apart from your rivals.
The way Govind talks about Miami in this piece, it's all about the Miami-NYC connection, and nothing about the original Table 8 here in LA. It's like he's cast it off for good; kind of what it feels like when you dine there, too.
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