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WeHo Partyhoppin' With Hillary, Barack and Sam Nazarian

At least everyone knows where SBE Group leader Sam Nazarian's political allegiance lies. Last night he hosted the front-runner Democratic presidential candidates at two of his West Hollywood hot spots: Sen. Hillary Clinton at the Abbey and Sen Barack Obama at Area. According to the Huffington Post:

The pair of parties, less than a mile apart, are scheduled to follow Thursday's presidential forum on GLBT issues hosted by the Human Rights Campaign and MTV's Logo network.

Two men, nightlife impresarios Sam Nazarian and David Cooley, are listed as hosts for both events.

It is not unusual this early in the presidential race for donors to spread their support among several candidates. But it is unusual to have two events co-hosted by two people on the same night for two competing candidates.

Unless you're Sam Nazarian who owns most of the nightlife scene in LA, then there's little choice. Welcome to LA, politicos!
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