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Wanna Know Who Wins Hell's Kitchen Tonight? Party With Bonnie and Find Out

We're so obsessed with knowing who wins Hell's Kitchen tonight, we stopped the TiVo during the last episode and sloooowly forwarded through the teaser for this week. Like 30 times. It almost looks like Bonnie walked through the door and Rock was left behind. We swear we saw her blonde hair in the group below, celebrating. But in reality, we have no idea who won. Early rumors had Rock as the winner, and throughout the season, it looked like LA's Bonnie would be booted every week. And yet, here she is in the final two vying for a chef position in Vegas.

We've taken a real shine to the nanny/personal chef, so we're co-hosting a little shindig for her tonight at Tanzore in Beverly Hills. The guest list is closed, but we have a few passes for the first five people to answer this Bonnie-related question:

What's the name of the restaurant Bonnie dreamed of opening as a child?
Hint: You can find the answer in one of our interviews with the HK contestant. Just email us with "Bonnie Answer" in the subject line, and you can watch the nanny respond in real time, with snacks and cocktails. Hell's Kitchen 3 airs tonight at 9pm on FOX.

A look back at the Hell's Kitchen 3 season.