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BREAKING: Lowenbrou Keller to Close This Month

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This and more pics found on Tiki Central Forums of all places

SILVER LAKEish: Here we have another spot we wish we would've visited just once: The Bavariantastic Lowenbrou Keller is set to close this month. Opened in1967 by Hollywood set designer George Eder, it's sheer kitsch right down to the brass angels and Teutonic wood carvings and reliefs. From a reader:

"I'm a little aufgeregt over the fact that Lowenbrau will be closing or changing hands in just a few weeks. There have been rumors that Olga and her sister simply want to retire (and even auction off the restaurant's decorative innards!). I'm just trying to get a clear answer on what it is that's going to happen. Our brawny Yugoslavian waitress tonight claimed not to know anything about the specifics of the 'brau's closing. I'd like to hope that at least some hipster outfit will be buying the restaurant and go to great length to maintain it as is. I'm scared! Hilfe!"
The change of ownership notice in the window lists the Wanton Group as the new owners, but we found nothing about them. The restaurant name isn't changed on the license application, so there is a ray of hope for schnitzel fans. A call placed to the restaurant also came up short: "Yes the restaurant is closing. Yes it was sold. I'm sorry darling, I need to cook." Maybe they were tired of everyone spelling the name incorrectly (it's 'brou' not 'brau').