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Name That Venue: Anonymous "Wine Bar" for Sale Near Beverly Center

It's once again time for Name That Venue, the guessing game where we give you the details of a restaurant or nightlife property for sale, and you try to figure out what it is. This listing comes to us from a reader who's generally in the know, and even he's stumped:

This Business Is Located Near 3rd Street And Beverly, Between LA Cienega And Fairfax. While This Is At The Epicenter Of An Area Known For Sophisticated Night Life, There Are Few Beer And Wine Bars In The Area.

This Bar Does No Promotion And Nearly Wholly Relies Upon Word Of Mouth Referrals, Its Fantastic Reviews (For The Authenticity Of Its Concept), And Its Main Street Frontage (Though The Owner Has Done Little In Terms Of Signage). As Such, New Operators Could Do Much With The Location, Including Adding A Full Kitchen, Expanding The Concept, Or Extending The Hours Past Evening Only Openings.
Writing caps like that has to get annoying. The space is only 960 square feet and doesn't have a kitchen, but if new owers should wish to deal with all the licensing and permit red tape to get an exhaust hood, go for it. Remember these listings are anonymous so we can't just call the real estate agent to confirm anything. It's complete speculation but loads of fun. Step right up: Send us your guesses and we'll post them later this week.
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