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LA Restos on the Page: Gourmet's Best Latino Restaurants, Bon Appetit's Restaurant Issue

September's a big month for Los Angeles restaurants in Conde Nast land. First we have Gourmet's "Top Latino Restaurants in 14 Cities," and seeing Ruth Reichl and S. Irene Virbila have a special bond (one replaced the other as the LAT food critic), it's Virbila (the S. stands for Sherry this time) who picks her four LA favorites: Chicken Itza, Guelaguetza, La Serenata di Garibaldi, and?Ciudad. That last one is sure to catch some fire, but she says, "The menu is a terrific compendium of little dishes—rabbit and ham croquettes, Peruvian ceviche, carnitas tacos—as well as a variety of platos principales," so it sounds more about quanity than authenticity. And an web exclusive article had chefs pick their favorite taco trucks in several cities---except Los Angeles.

Bon Appetit's annual restaurant issue also hits the newsstands next month (or in your mailbox already). Hightlights include Hatfield's in the "Small Restaurants, Big Ideas" article, Il Grano's Sal Marino obsessing over tomatoes, and of course Pizzeria Mozza and Cut on the top restaurants list for pizza and steak. Then on Saturday (8/19), the Food Network airs a Bon Appetit Restaurant Issue special so those of you who still can't score a ressie at Cut or Mozza can finally see the insides.