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The Abbey's Denver Doppelganger

It's one thing to steal a name, but to make it that obvious?

We don't often get mail from Coors country, but this made its way to our inbox: "I recently moved to Denver from LA and saw an ad in the local alternative weekly for 'The Abbey' opening up in Denver this last weekend. I try their website (for the Denver location) and found it's offline. So I try their Myspace page (for the Denver location) and find it's offline too. So I pull up a Google cache of the Myspace page and see a crude knockoff of the REAL Abbey's logo. It almost smells like someone here in Denver thought they could besmirch the good Abbey name. I don't know which offends me more, that or how nauseatingly hetero their myspace page was. Call the bastards and start asking questions!"

Well instead of all that footwork, we uncovered this article that explains, as suspected, that Sam Nazarian will have none of it: "The Abbey, the ultra-swank restaurant/lounge going into the "Real World" house at 1920 Market St., will open soft on Saturday - with a new name. It's now Theory. Seems the owners had a run-in with the (famous) Abbey in West Hollywood. New signage, new menus, new websites, new headaches." New amazement at some people's stupidity.
· "Shine" mag still hopes to without its highly touted editor in chief [Denver Post, 2nd item]