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Evolution: Sunset Beach Now 'The Beach on Sunset'

In 10 short months, Sunset Beach, the sail-fronted behemoth on the Sunset Strip opened and closed at least four times and now has resurfaced once again. Let's take a closer look at the rise and fall and rise again, shall we?

November 2006: Sunset Beach opens quietly, but then closes for a few weeks for "private parties only," right before its grand opening.

May 2007: We see a change of ownership application with Steve Marlton's name on it. Marlton owns Pearl on Robertson and Sugar. We find out that he took the reins and wanted to change the entire concept to reopen in June.

August 9, 2007: Last week Sunset Beach had a soft open, except the girl who answered the phone and the PR firm we spoke to didn't know the name was changed to The Beach.

August 14, 2007: Metromix's Bar Code blog finds itself at The Beach drinking margaritas the size of birdbaths with owner Steve Marlton. Luckily they live through that to tell us the name is officially now The Beach. An insider reveals that Marlton says it's "for the tourists."

August 15, 2007: Website still Sunset Beach. Official press release is sent out announcing the "grand opening" of The Beach on Sunset, "a restaurant and serene lounge sure to become the new anchor to the eastern end of the famed Sunset Strip." The design is said to "transports guests to a dramatic seaside retreat." Still no word on the modern American cuisine menu. A grand opening party on August 22 will feature Ryan Cabrera and Jesse McCartney. Are they even allowed to drink yet? DJ Aoki spins later. The party opens to the public after 10pm.