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Coffee, the New Pinkberry: Intelligentsia Party, Celebrity Chefs and Starbucks, LA Mill Update

SILVER LAKE: Looks like Intelligentsia's Sunset Junction store has experienced another minor delay. Kyle, the man in charge of the local operation, sends word: Our anticipated opening is set back to this Friday, August 17th. Also, we'll be hosting a big opening party that evening with a DJ, some delicious cheeses, wine, beer and, of course, coffee. It is open to the public and will be a blast!" Come one, come all. [EaterWire Inbox]

SILVER LAKE: The news that LA Mill will also open an eastside coffee house caused quite the buzz (ha. get it?). The company website throws around statements like "Like a good chef, we have an area of expertise and this is what we stick to" and "Like a fine wine, a coffee’s unique characteristics are greatly influenced by the climate and soil in which it’s grown." So this is the food-lover's coffee, we guess. Latest report is that it will open at 1626 Silver Lake Blvd. hopefully by October. [EaterWire]

HOLLYWOOD: Perhaps feeling the heat from these boutique roasters, Starbucks has teamed up with chef Marcus Samuelsson (NYC's Aquavit) for a 10-city "culinary coffee tour." Samuelsson and the chain's head roaster will hold "coffee and food-pairing" classes where the chef whips up some African-inspired dishes from his Starbucks-exclusive cookbook. Is there nothing the coffee chain won't whore out? LA is the first stop, Aug 28 at the Starbucks at Hollywood & Highland, 12pm to 1:30pm. [EaterWire]