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Good Deal: Dave Lieberman Plans Resto for LA

Last night we stopped by the Food & Wine Grow for Good party at Dave Lieberman's Hollywood Hills pad. Lieberman has a decent show on the Food Network called Good Deal where he whips up fresh, easy meals on a budget. Think market-to-table fare for college students or young, inexperienced cooks. But anti-Rachel Ray. His show was always based around him being in New York, so we didn't understand why he had a house in LA; turns out he moved here about six months ago. He told us he's "done with the Food Network for now," working on some other ideas, and wants to open a casual restaurant somewhere in LA. He threw out words like "small plates, cheese, charcuterie, wines, and dessert." Not that we have a shortage of such places in LA, but it fits his personality. (To see exactly what his personality is, watch webisode #4 of his online show Dave Does.) He says he doesn't have a location yet but looking. We also met Food & Wine's Gail Simmons and completely forgot to ask her who won Top Chef. Imagine.
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